Clutch'd Member Rewards

Clutch'd Rewards Program


Loyalty goes a long way and at Clutch’d Passports we want to reward you for it. Points are earned based on what you spend on group trips (Clutch’d hosted or Organized trip – you must be the group leader). 


1. Members earn 1 point per $1 of the total cost of a Clutch’d hosted or Organized trip, minus any discount applied. 

2. Points are awarded 30 days after a trip end date, and do not expire.   

3. Points are earned by the member attending the trip.
4. Points are earned per paid trip only. If you cancel you will lose those points.

Reward Levels - Members are automatically entered into reward level. Quarterly reward status updates will be sent to each reward member. (March / June /September / December)

Clutch Benefits (Members Only)


15% off CP Merchandise - 15% discount on CP merchandise to include T shirts, luggage tags, mugs.  Discount code cannot be used towards any other merchandise, trips, or services provided by Clutch’d Passports. 

48-hour Early Booking - Get a 48hr head start on booking a hosted trip before it’s opened to our Facebook group or the public. The spots will be limited and available on a first come first serve basis. 


Free Tour – you will get a free tour of your choice valued at $100.

Passport Renewal – Get your Passport renewed on Clutch’d Passports.


Clutch Credit -$300 off trip - As a valued customer we want to say thank you. This Clutch Credit must be used all at once toward one a group trip. This credit will only be applied after the initial deposit has been made for your trip.

Commonly asked questions:

1. How will I know my status?  Reward members will be sent point status quarterly. The quarters end March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, you will receive an email by the 10th of the following month. If you take a trip after the quarter has ended you will not see those points reflected until the next quarter.    Example: If you are traveling on April 1st you will not see those reward points reflected in your March31st statement because that trip happened after the quarter ended.  Reward benefits will take effect once the status changes in your quarterly statement.  Once a member reaches the So Clutch status you will have to use points in order to gain more rewards.  

2. How will I receive my status? Reward status will be sent via email once a quarter via email.  Clutch’d Passport will only send one email per quarter.  If member misplaces or deletes email the member will have to wait until the next status the following quarter. 

3. Do I get a points card?  No, reward members will get an email only with point status. 


4. Can I purchase points?  Points can only be earned by booking a Clutch’d Hosted trip or an organized group trip with you as the leader.


5. If I pay for someone’s trip who earns the points?  The person who attends the trip earns the points even if the trip is being paid by someone else.  


6. Can I earn points any other way than group trips?  No, points can only be earned on trips hosted by Clutch or organized group (you must be the group leader).

7. How do I enroll in the program?  When you book a hosted Clutch trip or you organized your own through Clutch’d you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program.  Emails are sent once a quarter; we will not email individual request outside of each quarter. 


8. When will my status change? Example: If you started with +8,000 and earned earn +4,000 points in February, you will receive an email at quarters end March 31, 2018 alerting you of your status change from Member to Crew.  Your rewards will take effect once you receive the email alerting you of the status change by the 10th of the following month after the quarter ends.  In this example provided if a trip opens on March 1, 2019 you would not be eligible to use any of the Crew benefits until the quarter has ended.  If a trip opened on April 1, 2019 after the quarter ended you would be able to use your benefits at the next reward level.  

9. Do I get double the points for any trip? No, all trips earn you 1 point per $1 spent.  

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